Daily Draw for 10/18

I know I said I wanted to be better at consistently doing these drawings on a daily basis, but I also refuse to shame myself for not following through with that. Their purpose was to further my own daily Craft practice, and I’ve had no shortage of such things, between gardening and working on my new Tree (Seax-Wica Book of Shadows). That being said, I do enjoy these readings a lot, and want to keep them up as best I can for that reason alone.

This draw was a bit of heavy blow. A.E. Waite tells us that the Five of Cups shows us a darkly cloaked figure overlooking a keep shows us a partial loss, with three cups fallen over and two remaining up right. As he eloquently puts it: “It is a card of loss, but something remains.”

"A card of loss, but something remains"

I love that my employers are willing to give the unlucky, the downtrodden, and the imperfect a chance at something better; a fact I cam personally grateful for. They do, however, also have healthy boundaries when it comes to such relationships and employees.

I’ve had a couple co-workers I’ve gotten to know well enough to care about, both of which had their own struggles with addictions they were trying to overcome. They did remarkably well, and were a great contribution to the team. Unfortunately, one after another, they succumbed to their demons and had to be let go. I wish them both the best of luck, and hope they realize that this set back is just another step towards their recovery.

I’ve mentioned before that I am a very positive person, but that positivity often comes at the cost of avoiding uncomfortable thought and feelings. This draw, for me, was yet another reminder that I need to face those difficult things and process them. The loss of these two people as co-workers hurt, even when I respect the employer’s decision.

Lord and Lady, guard us and guide us and my friends as they work through their struggles. Blessed be!

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