Samhain 2022

Happy Samhain, everyone! Blessed be, and may you and your ancestors be reunited tonight in feasting and festivities. Now is the night where Woden takes over and leads us through the coming Winter. In times of old, this was the day when the cattle were culled and the harvest was stored to get our ancestorsContinue reading “Samhain 2022”

Tarot Draw for 10/26

While I work at getting into a routine with my posts here, especially with the more frequent, divination-based posts, I plan on trying different things and seeing what works. At this moment, my intention is to let go of the idea of a ‘Daily Draw’ for Tarot because I’ve found it to be unsustainable, andContinue reading “Tarot Draw for 10/26”

Daily Draw for 10/18

I know I said I wanted to be better at consistently doing these drawings on a daily basis, but I also refuse to shame myself for not following through with that. Their purpose was to further my own daily Craft practice, and I’ve had no shortage of such things, between gardening and working on myContinue reading “Daily Draw for 10/18”

Daily Draw for 8/29

I began doing daily draws as a way of keeping my Craft in my daily life, to ensure that I am ‘living Wicca’. My goal was never perfection or a strict daily practice, and so when Summer hits and I spent more time celebrating it with my family, my daily draws were pushed to theContinue reading “Daily Draw for 8/29”


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