Daily Draw for 7/14

It’s been over a week since I did my last daily draw, and before I delve into the message behind this card, I want to share another interesting thing that the Tarot deck felt the need to tell me. When I come home, despite having four wonderful kids and a wonderful wife, it’s usually ourContinue reading “Daily Draw for 7/14”

Daily Draw for 7/5

I’ve said before that sometimes the Tarot will not have a serious message, deep thought, warning, or blind spot to reveal, but rather a simple ‘good job!’ to give you. According to A.E. Waite, the Queen of Wands carries a meaning of a friendly, loving, honorable woman, and that is my wife for sure. “There’sContinue reading “Daily Draw for 7/5”

Daily Draw for 7/4

Happy Fourth of July! While that comes from me, it seems my Tarot also wishes you and your family a happy fourth. According to A.E. Waite, the Ace of Cups means joy, content, abode, or a house of the true heart. “Joyful, Content Abode…or a Family Home!” I mentioned before I had family coming, andContinue reading “Daily Draw for 7/4”

Daily Draw for 7/3

The Two of Cups shows us a pledge between two young people, or perhaps a sumbel of some sort. A.E. Waite says this card represents the union of the sexes, but also friendship and affinity. “Unity” On a personal level, this card resonates with me because of the balance me and my wife strive toContinue reading “Daily Draw for 7/3”

Daily Draw for 7/2

A.E. Waite doesn’t offer a lot in the description of the Ace of Wands: a hand coming out of the clouds grasping a club or wand, followed by the standard list of divinatory meanings. “Start Creating!” The Ace of Wands, particularly for me, speaks to the act of creation. It’s a long string of drawsContinue reading “Daily Draw for 7/2”

Daily Draw for 6/30

The Ten of Cups, according the A.E. Waite, show us a man and woman, probably husband and wife, and offers a message of contentment. “Good job!” Often the Tarot tells me things I need to work on, or shines light on blind spots I’ve developed. Every once in awhile, though, it has a simple, positiveContinue reading “Daily Draw for 6/30”

Daily Draw for 6/29

The Nine of Swords shows us a woman in bed, with her face buried in her hands. The swords above her head tell us a story of anxious thoughts and dreams, and while A.E. Waite has a list of terrifying things this could be about, such as death or failure, today one in particular sticksContinue reading “Daily Draw for 6/29”

Daily Draw for 6/28

A.E. Waite says that while the Two of Pentacles shows us joy and celebration, it can also read as news, agitation, and obstacles in your life. While I try not to focus on the negative things in life, when those are the things that initially come to mind after drawing a usually positive card, it’sContinue reading “Daily Draw for 6/28”

Daily Draw for 6/27

According to A.E. Waite, the Hanged Man is not a card of death, but of suspended life. We see in the artwork that instead of torment, the man is entranced, and rather than gallows, he is hanging from a live tree. “self-sacrifice for the sake of self-improvement” It’s hard for me to draw this cardContinue reading “Daily Draw for 6/27”

Performing a Ritual

If you feel the need for magical work, or just need a safe place to feel the presence of the Gods, then it’s time to perform a ritual.


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