Note: These sources are ones we believe may be helpful to others. They are not affiliated with in any way, and we do not necessarily endorse any information or opinions they share.

Spanish Blog This is a blog on with information in Spanish on Seax-Wica.

Erin’s JournalA long-time blogger who has been involved in the Seax-Wica community for a long time, Erin’s Journal is unfortunately not very active but still live, with a plethora of information, especially on some of the controversies from within the community.

Wyrddin Seax-Wica Index Sadly, many of the links listed here lead to sites that are long dead, but it still has some good information.

Alaric Albertsson’s WebsiteAn author and Saxon Pagan. He is not Seax-Wica, or Wiccan, but a reconstructionist. For those looking to add more Saxon roots to their practice, whether magical or religious, his works are an excellent place to start.

Buckland Museum YouTube Channel A great place to find some interviews that Raymond Buckland gave.