Samhain Rite

“The Tree” is the basic liturgical and organizational writing and the basis for Seax-Wica, but it is a ‘base’. It provides the rituals as if being practiced by a coven, but nowadays most Wiccans, especially those of the Seax-Wica tradition, are solitary practitioners (they work alone). The following information on the Full Moon Ceremony is adapted from “The Tree” and is only one way that a solitary can use these rituals in their own practice.

Celebrate this Sabbat on October 31st. Decorate the outer edge of the Circle with autumnal flowers, branches, pinecones, small pumpkins, or other seasonal flora. You may also place flowers on your Altar on your Altar.

Perform the Erecting the Temple Ceremony, then read or recite the following:

“As Goddess-Summer draws to a close
So begin the dark months of the God-Winter.
Praise be to Freya, and to Woden her Consort.”

Raise up your Seax, then continue:

“Gracious Goddess, I thank you
For the joys of Summer;
For the crops, the harvest;
For life, for love.
I, who loves you, as I know you love me.
Return again next year, when your time is come.
When your companion-love, my Lord,
Has led me safely through the dark.
I love you and honor you
Freya, most beautiful.”

Kiss the blade of you Seax, then raise it up again and continue:

“Woden, the Mighty One,
Lord of Life and Death.
As you will guard and guide me
Through the months to come,
So will I, your servant, guard and guide others.
Lead me, I ask you, through the hardships
That lie ahead, that again I may see
The glory of spring, and the love
Of my Lady Freya.”

Kiss the blade of your Seax, then continue:

“Lord of Life, of Love, of Death,
Does Lord Woden bid me have no fear.
So be it!
With his lady at his side
He shall know always there is light.
He shall know always there is hope of life to come.
He will lead me happily as he lead those
Who have gone before, yet are here now.
So be it!”

Kiss the blade of your Seax, then continue:

“Now is the time for celebration, to give me strength, to give me joy. My loved ones return from Drëun to join with me. Let me remember those who have gone on to the domains of the Mighty Ones, That they may return briefly to revel with me is good. This night is for merriment ‘ere the hardships of winter enfold me. Happiness to all. So be it!”

Continue with the Ceremony of Cakes and Ale.

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