Midsummer Rite

Celebrate this Sabbat on the Summer Solstice, around June 21st. Set up your Altar as normal, and Erect the Temple, then read or recite the following:

“Now is the summer sun on high,
Yet living goes ever on.
With hope in my heart
Let me spread happiness about.
Cease all sorrows!
Cease all strife!
The day is for living-
For living this life!
On high the sun casts never a shadow.
So shines down the love of the Gods-
Of Woden and Freya-
Shining upon us all alike.
No more on one than another
As the sun moves on its path,
Acknowledging all along its way;
So move I for the Mighty Ones,
To show my love and affection.”

Take up your Seax, kiss the blade, and return it to the Altar. When you are ready, continue:

“I, and Wiccans all, give thanks to the Mighty Ones,
To Woden and to Freya,
For the richness and goodness of life.
As there must be rain with the sun,
To make all things good;
So must I suffer pain with my joy,
To know all things.
My love is ever with the Gods,
For though I know not their thoughts
Yet do I know their hearts-
That all is for my good.
Woden and Freya, bless me now.
Keep me faithful in thy service.
I thank you for the crops;
For life, for love, for joy.
I thank you for that spark
That brings us together – and to you.
Help me feel the joy of loving you
And of loving one another.
So be it!”

Continue with the Ceremony of Cakes and Ale.

“The Tree” is the basic liturgical and organizational writing and the basis for Seax-Wica, but it is a ‘base’. It provides the rituals as if being practiced by a coven, but nowadays most Wiccans, especially those of the Seax-Wica tradition, are solitary practitioners (they work alone). The above information on the Midsummer Sabbat is adapted from “The Tree” and is only one way that a solitary can use these rituals in their own practice.


    1. Thank you! I like the elegant simplicity of the Seax-Wica Sabbats. The more elaborate ceremonies of other traditions and covens can certainly be moving but I find Raymond Buckland’s rituals really feel more personal and grounded for me.


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