Daily Draw for 8/29

I began doing daily draws as a way of keeping my Craft in my daily life, to ensure that I am ‘living Wicca’. My goal was never perfection or a strict daily practice, and so when Summer hits and I spent more time celebrating it with my family, my daily draws were pushed to the side. I make no apologies for that, but I do miss doing them and writing about them.

Fittingly, the Two of Pentacles sums up this summer extremely well. With my wife’s new job and her next semester of school starting, and my new job responsibilities, we were left with a lot less time this summer to spend with the kids and extended family. My Father-in-law told us shortly after my wife started work that, with this new increased income, we would be better off financially, but were in fact trading one set of stresses for another.

"Trading one set of stresses for another"

My Tarot deck agrees. According to A.E. Waite, the Two of Pentacles symbolizes gaiety and recreation, but also obstacles and agitation. This is one of the few cards where the standard ‘upright’ position also contains a balance of positive and negative aspects, rather than the undesirable symbolism being reserved for the reversed position.

We’ve had more resources to do things with the family, but much less time to do so. The lack of stress over bills has been replaced with not just finding time our kids and friends, but actually enjoying it when we do because we are so exhausted. Our house-keeping has fallen behind, too.

I’m a positive person, and when I listen to people constantly discuss the terrible things going on in this world, that’s a trait I’m thankful for. However, that positivity often comes with a heavy dose of avoidance, and issue I’ve been dealing with for awhile now. It’s refreshing to see both positive and negative things on this card, so I can feel good about our accomplishments while also addressing the negative things I tend to avoid.

Lord and Lady, guard us and guide us as we figure out this new life. Blessed be!


  1. Thank you so much, I loved seeing this come to my email this morning. So happy you and your beautiful wife made time to share in mine and my husband’s hand fasting this weekend. Blessed be.

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    1. Blessed be, Kelly! It was our absolute pleasure to attend and it was such a beautiful ceremony. As the perfectly light rain came down as the hand-fasting ceremony reached its climax, there was a heavy feeling of divinity in the air as the elements bore witness to it.


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