Tarot Draw for 10/26

While I work at getting into a routine with my posts here, especially with the more frequent, divination-based posts, I plan on trying different things and seeing what works. At this moment, my intention is to let go of the idea of a ‘Daily Draw’ for Tarot because I’ve found it to be unsustainable, and to instead do a twice-weekly divination article: one on the Tarot, in a similar manner as I’ve been doing, and to also add in rune-work. I’m in the process of acquiring a set of Anglo-Saxon runestones (I have a couple Scandinavian ‘Futhark’ rune stones, but it’s much harder to find a Saxon ‘Fothorc’ set. Don’t worry too much about what the difference is, but Seax-Wica uses the Futhorc runes), and I plan on doing rune ‘castings’/drawings as well. Wednesday, in honor of Woden, will be for runes, and Friday, in honor of Freya, will be for Tarot. Until I get those runes, however, Wednesdays and Fridays will both be Tarot days.

With that update out of the way, lets take a look at today’s card: The Eight of Swords. This is, quite frankly, not a fun card: A.E. Waite tells us this card speaks of bad news, violent chagrin, crisis, censure, power in trammels, conflict, calumny, and sickness. While I could read much deeper into this card to see all the ways it applies to my life, I feel that a ‘daily’ draw like this is meant to focus on immediate thoughts and feelings, and so while acknowledging my avoidant tendencies, I do feel that ‘sickness’ really jumps out to me here.


While my youngest child has been sick for the last couple days, and that is certainly on my mind, I am also starkly reminded that Covid is still very much a thing. My wife is the Director of Assisted Living at a prestige retirement home, and they are currently dealing with a major outbreak of Covid. On top of that, with staffing shortages, my incredible wife is helping cover shifts and give showers and other aid where she can, which a lot of times happens to be with Covid-positive residents.

She uses a lot of protective gear, is fully vaccinated, and has already had Covid. That doesn’t stop me from worrying about it, though, and thinking about the areas in my like where I may have gotten a little lax in regards to the pandemic, such as washing my hands more frequently and practicing social distancing where I can. especially with influenza and other seasonal diseases cropping up. Perhaps most importantly, however, is that I need to make sure to actually express my concerns to others that that they (especially my wife and her employees) may have grown complacent. I might not be able to ‘fix’ any of the problems she’s facing at work, but it’s important that I am honest about my fears and concerns.

Woden and Freya, guard us and guide us as we continue to struggle with this pandemic, though we are grateful for the progress we’ve made so far.

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