Spring Rite

Celebrate this Sabbat on the Spring Equinox, around March 21st. Decorate the Circle and Altar with spring flowers. Set up your Altar as normal, the next to your Seax place the Priapic, or pine-tipped Wand, and a small bowl filled with soil along with a large seed of any sort. Erect the Temple, then read or recite the following:

“The Seax-Wica harken,
And awaken to greet the Spring!
Freya, Lady of Light, hear me!
Woden, Lord of Life, hear me!
I am here to celebrate both with you and for you.”

Raise both of your arms high, then continue:

“Welcome, welcome, beauteous Spring!
I come here, inspired by the Gods.
Let me cast behind me the darkness of Winter,
And look again forward to that which lies ahead.
Now is the time for birth.
Now is the time for the planting of seeds.”

Lower your arms and take up the Priapic Wand, then hold it up vertically and continue:

“By the power of the raised Wand
Doth the Seed find the Furrow.
Blessing be upon this handsome Wand.”

Kiss the tip of the wand, then continue:

“All honor to it;
May it be ever thus.
All power to the Wand,
All power
For Love is here.
Blessed be!”

Hold the Priapic Wand and meditate for awhile on it. When you are done, replace the Wand on the Altar and take up the bowl of earth, then continue:

“Of old would we celebrate by together planting
The seed, one with another,
Yet here do I symbolize that act,
In veneration, of our Lady and our Lord.”

Take up your Seax with your other hand and carefully make a depression in the soil, in the center of the bowl. Replace your Seax and take up the seed from the Altar, holding it cupped in your hand over the bowl, then continue:

“These rites of Spring belong to all;
To me and to the Gods.
This is a joyous time.
This is a time for planting.”

Place the seed in the depression in soil and cover it with earth, then continue:

“This seed do I place in the womb of the Earth,
That it may become part of the Earth;
A part of Life,
A part of me.
Blessed are the Gods!
Blessed are the Seax-Wica!
Let Love abound!
Love! So be it!”

Replace the bowl on the Altar and take up your Seax, kiss the blade, then return it to the Altar. Continue with the Ceremony of Cakes and Ale.

“The Tree” is the basic liturgical and organizational writing and the basis for Seax-Wica, but it is a ‘base’. It provides the rituals as if being practiced by a coven, but nowadays most Wiccans, especially those of the Seax-Wica tradition, are solitary practitioners (they work alone). The above information on the Spring Sabbat is adapted from “The Tree” and is only one way that a solitary can use these rituals in their own practice.


    1. Those are both very seasonal appropriate, I think. The planting of the seed is very much symbolic of rebirth, especially if the ‘seed’ is a bulb being a replanted.

      Blessed Be, and Happy Spring!


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