Daily Draw for 6/30

The Ten of Cups, according the A.E. Waite, show us a man and woman, probably husband and wife, and offers a message of contentment.

"Good job!"

Often the Tarot tells me things I need to work on, or shines light on blind spots I’ve developed. Every once in awhile, though, it has a simple, positive message. A “Good job! You’ve made it!”

Recently, my wife was hired on as the Program Director at a healthcare facility, and it will be a major boon to us financially. After years of hard work and self-sacrifice on her part, pushing through school with amazing grades and working full time as a manager during covid, she’s landed a job she really wanted.

The Ten of Cups resonates with me greatly because of the partnership is depicts. I am immensely proud of my wife, and while this might be a “good job!” message from my Tarot, it’s also a push for me to show my appreciation, love, and amazement to her.

Lord and Lady, guard us and guide us as we explore this new development in our life, let go of old stresses, and prepare for new ones that are sure to come with it. Blessed Be!

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