Daily Draw for 6/29

The Nine of Swords shows us a woman in bed, with her face buried in her hands. The swords above her head tell us a story of anxious thoughts and dreams, and while A.E. Waite has a list of terrifying things this could be about, such as death or failure, today one in particular sticks our to me: delay.

"Stop Procrastinating!"

When I drew this card, I immediately thought about all the things I put off for way to long. There are things that keep me up at night: sometimes out of anxiety, other times because I’m just that close to the deadline and need to pull a late night.

One of the ways to know when you’ve fully attuned to your Tarot deck is when you, quite frankly, feel personally attacked by it. After drawing the Nine of Swords, I could hear my deck yelling at me “stop procrastinating!” Another way to tell that you’re attuned is when you start yelling back at your Tarot deck for being an ass, and saying things like “who asked you?”

Blessed Be!

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