Daily Draw for 6/28

A.E. Waite says that while the Two of Pentacles shows us joy and celebration, it can also read as news, agitation, and obstacles in your life. While I try not to focus on the negative things in life, when those are the things that initially come to mind after drawing a usually positive card, it’s hard to ignore.

"News, agitation, and obstacles"

It’s not hard for me to make this connection to recent news, and I plan on addressing those things in a monthly “recent events” post, and for me, personally, this brings to light the heightened emotions and tensions caused by them and my commitment to address them.

This can be seen as a continuation of yesterday’s Hanged Man draw: this is certainly a time when many people may be called upon to make sacrifices now, to stand up for what is right, in order to better themselves and the world they live in. There are certainly obstacles we will all face in our challenges.

Lord and Lady, guard us and guide us through this challenging time. Good luck to you all, and Blessed Be!

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