Daily Draw for 7/5

I’ve said before that sometimes the Tarot will not have a serious message, deep thought, warning, or blind spot to reveal, but rather a simple ‘good job!’ to give you. According to A.E. Waite, the Queen of Wands carries a meaning of a friendly, loving, honorable woman, and that is my wife for sure.

"There's more than just money"

It’s easy to get swept up in the positivity around something like a windfall or new, higher paying job. Another meaning the Queen of Wands carries, however, is the love of money.

There’s nothing wrong with liking money, or more accurately, the reduction in stress and obstacles that money brings. This card, however, presents itself to me as a warning to watch myself when it comes to this love: there’s more than just money. Savings, paying off debt, fixing things around the house, and other things that have been put aside because of finances need to take priority over all the new shiny things new money can buy.

Blessed Be!

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