Daily Draw for 7/3

The Two of Cups shows us a pledge between two young people, or perhaps a sumbel of some sort. A.E. Waite says this card represents the union of the sexes, but also friendship and affinity.


On a personal level, this card resonates with me because of the balance me and my wife strive to keep, supporting each other in our endeavors. While hers are far more lucrative than mine, and coincide nicely with the modern symbolism of the Caduceus of Hermes seen on the card, she has always been very supportive of my more creative, less than lucrative, passions.

Beyond my own personal relationship, though, the Two of Cups also brings to mind the need for union on a larger scale between the sexes. Women across the US have lost a basic human right, and far too often I hear men say things like “well, I’m a guy, so it doesn’t matter to me”, or the more sympathetic “I don’t have ovaries, so it’s none of my business”. Unfortunately, our world doesn’t work like that, and a union of both sexes is going to be needed to right this wrong.

Most polls put support for Roe vs. Wade at two-thirds of Americans. We need to remember that, especially when the vocal minority tries to shout over us. When you stand up for these lost rights, know that most Americans stand behind you.

Blessed Be, and may the Lord and Lady guard us and guide us.


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