Neopagan November Day 4: I Once Though…

In my beginning days of Wicca I was under the impression, given to me by numerous authors, that because Wicca does not pre-set prayers or scriptures to read from and from-the-heart, spontaneous rituals were more powerful, it would be lazy to utilize the rituals or words of another in my practice. This lead me to re-write and re-invent every aspect of the Craft to create my own, unique, individual practice.

While I learned a lot from that, I was also quickly burnt out. Eventually, I read “The Tree” and met other Wiccans who followed specific traditions, with rituals and prayers handed down to them by others. Ironically, this idea of being okay with following the path created by another felt liberating. I have been a devote, fairly orthodox, Gesith of Seax-Wica since then.

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