Neopagan November Day 2: Candle

This topic also makes me think about something more practical: how is easy is it to ready your Book of Shadows by candlelight? Is that something you’ve thought about when writing in it? I do…I started a BoS in a smaller book, and to fit more in I began writing extremely small with .005 pen. While it’s legible in normal light, there was way too much squinting involved under the candlelight or by the bonfire’s light to be comfortable using it. It my current copy of The Tree (Seax-Wican Book of Shadows), I made sure to write large enough to read in a relatively dark condition.

When I recently attended a public Samhain festival, it was a little jarring to see the High Priest and High Priestess pull out their phones to read their script. A lit candle, I feel, would have served the same purpose and been much more in line with my expectations (not that they need to concern themselves with my expectations at their ritual, of course).

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