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Welcome to Seax-Wica.org!

Whether you’re interested in Seax-Wica specifically, Wicca in general, or Saxon lore, seax-wica.org is an online resource and community dedicated to providing education to those interested in the teachings of Raymond Buckland, Wicca, Saxon history, and Saxon lore.

Raymond Buckland, the founder of Seax-Wica, has said “The Tree” is a foundation: the liturgical and organizational basis for a religion. The goal of seax-wica.org is to collect and discuss the teachings of Raymond Buckland, the history and lore of the pagan Teutonic cultures, and the modern Wiccan and Pagan community so that individuals, whether covens or solitary practitioners, can build upon the foundation of “The Tree” to create a personally meaningful connection to the Lord and Lady, whom we know as Woden and Freya.

To stay true to that goal, it’s is the intention of seax-wica.org to try to provide a viewpoint based on the works of Raymond Buckland above all others, to maintain that foundation. Just as Gardner’s teachings are the foundation of Gardnerian Wicca and Alexander’s the foundation of Alexandrian Wicca, Buckland’s teachings are the foundation of Seax-Wica (because Bucklandian and Raymondian don’t flow as well…). That being said, how one person interprets the words of Dr. Buckland may be different than another, and in no are any opinions voiced on seax-wica.org meant to be any sort of ‘official’ word. We encourage healthy discourse on all subjects and hope everyone can take away from our content what they need to improve their connection with the Lord and Lady.

There is no monetization of seax-wica.org. We do not believe in charging for lessons on the Craft, and denounce any sort of ‘membership’ fees for faith of any kind. If the cost of running seax-wica.org becomes too much, we may ask for donations, but never will we offer ‘premium’ content for a price. We may re-post articles from other sources that do contain advertisements, and we feel that is right; they are entitled to compensation for their work. However, we take no part in nor do we endorse those advertisements.

We also want to make it clear that seax-wica.org is in no way associated with the estate of Raymond Buckland or any of his publishers. We are primarily an educational website, and are not an organized church or non-profit.


  1. Buenas Tardes desde España Penda y Familia de SEAX WICA. ORG. Mi nombre es Ariel, Soy Teólogo y Practicante de Seax Wica hace muchos años.

    Soy español y tengo muchas ganas de contactarme contigo para compartir impresiones.

    El Enfoque que tu le das a la web es el mismo como vivo yo la Seax Wica.

    Un Abrazo Ariel


  2. Merry meet, Arial!
    I’m glad to hear to you connect with the views on seax-wica.org. By all means, I would love to get your impressions about the site and how Seax-Wica is part of your life.
    Blessed be!


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