Lesson Fourteen: Getting Set Up

Table of Contents


  1. History and Philosophy of Witchcraft
  2. Beliefs
  3. Tools, Clothing, and Names
  4. Getting Started
  5. Covens and Rituals
  6. The Sabbats
  7. Meditations, Dreams, and the Minor Sabbats
  8. Marriage, Birth, Death, and Channeling
  9. Divination
  10. Herbalism
  11. Magick
  12. The Power of the Written Word
  13. Healing
  14. Getting Set Up
  15. Solitary Witches

A. Rituals

B. The Consecration of Ritual

C. Guardians of the Watchtowers

D. Forming a Coven

E. Your Coven

F. Establishing a Church

G. Craft Greetings

H. Clothing and Accessories – Cloak, Sandals

I. Young Wiccans

J. Breaking the News