A Course for Solitary Witchcraft

These courses will give you a foundation for your personal practice


1. History and Philosophy

Ancient roots of Wicca. Witch trials and the Malleus Maleficuram. Modern neopagan movement. Philosophy of Wicca. Principles of Wiccan belief. Personal power. Spells and charms.

2. Beliefs

Deities. The God and Goddess of Witchcraft. Reincarnation. Retribution. Between Lives. Your Temple. Your Altar and It’s Furniture. Magick – An Introduction.

3. Tools, Clothing, and Names

Working Tools. Knife. Marking in metal. Sword. Other tools. Dress. Jewelry. Horned Helmet. Inscriptions. Your witch name.

4. Getting Started

Rites of passage. Circles. Self-dedication. Coven initiation.

5. Covens and Rituals

Covens and degrees. Hierarchy and Priesthood. Covensteads and covendoms. The book of rituals. Consecration of tools. Erecting the temple. Clearing the temple. Esbat rite. Full moon rite. New/dark moon rite. Cakes and ale.

6. The Sabbats

Samhain. Beltane. Imbolc. Lughnasadh.

7. Meditations, Dreams & the Minor Sabbats

Meditation – how it works. Technique. Posture. Area. Time of Day. Method. Dreams – the source. Dream interpretation and symbology. Remembering dreams. Personal symbols. The repetitive dream. Group dreams. Dreams vs. out-of-body experiences. Spring Equinox. Summer Solstice. Autumnal Equinox. Winter Solstice.

8. Marriage, Birth, Death, and Channeling

Handfasting rite. Handparting rite. Birth rite. Crossing the bridge. The intuitive process – categories of channeling. Clearing the channel. External focal points. Interpreting channeled information. The aura. Sensory deprivation. The witches’ cradle.

9. Divination

Tarot. Scrying. Saxon wands. Cheiromancy. Tea leaf reading. Numerology. Astrology. Fire Scrying.

10. Herbalism

Herbal lore. Getting the most out of herbs. Simples, syrups, salves, poultices, and powders. Herb simples. Definition of medical actions. Herbs in Materia Medica. Botanicals. Vitamins in herbs. The art of prescribing medicine. Some simple treatments. Witches’ pharmacopoeia. Sources.

11. Magick

Physical body. Circle. Cone of power. Dancing and chanting. Feeling. Drawing down power. Releasing the power. Timing. Cord magick. Candle magick. Love magick. Sex magick. Binding spell. Protection. Form of ritual.

12. The Power of the Written Word

Runes. Ogham Bethluisnian. Egyptian hieroglyphics. Theban. Passing the river. Angelic. Malachim. Pictish. Talismans and Amulets. Power raising dance. General dancing. Wine and ale. Break and cakes.

13. Healing

The aura. Auric healing. Pranic healing. Absent healing. Color healing. Gem therapy. Poppets. Meditation and biofeedback. Animals and plants. Positive thinking.

14. Getting Set Up

Rituals. The construction of ritual. Guardians of the Watchtowers. Forming a coven. Your coven. Establishing a church. Craft greetings. Clothing and accessories – cloak, sandals. Young wiccans. Breaking the news.

15. Solitary Witches

Erecting the temple. Esbat. Cakes and ale. Clearing the temple. Meditation to the elements.

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