Daily Draw for 7/14

It’s been over a week since I did my last daily draw, and before I delve into the message behind this card, I want to share another interesting thing that the Tarot deck felt the need to tell me.

When I come home, despite having four wonderful kids and a wonderful wife, it’s usually our dog (a kelpie) that greats me first, tale wagging, demanding attention (sometimes) or food (most of the time). If I don’t feed her by 4:30, which is half-an-hour before her dinner time, she will sit at my feet and gently growl at me until I acknowledge her.

I bring this up because I really did do a draw on the day I stopped writing these (the Nine of Cups), but never got around to writing up my thoughts on it. Having lost my momentum, I stopped writing them altogether until now. When I picked up my Tarot deck, I felt the same anxious, but gentle ‘grrrr’ I get from our kelpie. When I shuffled the deck and drew my card, I couldn’t help but chuckle when it was the same card I draw a week and half ago.

The message was clear to me: “About damn time!” And I want to emphasize that I did not feel this message come from the specific card, but from the Tarot in it’s entirety. Along with that, this was clearly an important draw for me, and I’m glad I get to revisit and share it here.

"The Future Is Assured"

According to A.E. Waite, the Nine of Cups shows a very content man, who’s just finished a feast with a full selection of drinks behind him. Following in line with past readings here, he also mentions that the Nine of Cups shows us only the material side of things, but there is always more. He also mentions victory, success, and that the future is assured.

The first day I drew this card, my first thought was that this was, again, about my wife’s new position (success and victory, so of course, right?). Later that day, however, I was asked by one of my bosses if I would be interested in more responsibilities. I said yes, and got a raise! Later, with another supervisor, he looked at me and told me to pay attention to what we were doing. He said this multiple times, and then finally added “because your going to be taking this over for me.”

Now, I know that the assurance of the future absolutely applies to me and my family, but it’s a bitter-sweet thing. My supervisor needs me to take over some of his responsibilities because of his own health concerns. I work for a family business, so it was both touching and heart breaking that a member of that family trusts me to take over for him. It feels good to know that while this promotion will help assure my own future, I also get to help in theirs while they go through difficult times.

Lord and Lady, guard me and guide me in this new position, and all those who face their own struggles. Blessed be!

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