Cakes and Ale

“The Tree” is the basic liturgical and organizational writing and the basis for Seax-Wica, but it is a ‘base’. It provides the rituals as if being practiced by a coven, but nowadays most Wiccans, especially those of the Seax-Wica tradition, are solitary practitioners (they work alone). The following information on the Cakes and Ale Ceremony is adapted from “The Tree” and is only one way that a solitary can use these rituals in their own practice.

Cakes and Ale is a ceremony that stands as the transition from the religious worship part of the ritual to the working or introspective part. The Lord and the Lady are honored first in Seax-Wica. If there is healing or other magic to be performed, they take place after this ceremony (before Clearing the Temple).

The premise of Cakes and Ale is to enjoy and thank the Gods for life giving food and drink, but it also helps ground us after worship.

Fill your Drinking Horn if it’s empty, then raise it high and read or recite the following or something similar:

“As the Gods give to me, I share with them. I give thanks for all the goodness they pour out upon the earth.
To the Gods!”

Pour out a libation onto the ground or into an offering bowl, then take a drink from the horn. Place the Drinking Horn back on to the Altar and then lift the plate of cakes up and continue:

“My thanks to the Gods for the foods they give us. May I always see to it that aught that I have I share, with those who have nothing.”

Set the plate down, then continue:

“Now I sit and enjoy these gifts of the Gods. But let us never forget that without the Gods we would have nothing.
So be it!”

Now sit with your Drinking Horn and Cakes and enjoy them. When you are done and satisfied, now is a time for healing or other magic.

This is also a good time to think about important lessons related to the Craft, the Gods, or anything else. Reading an article or part of  a book from a Wiccan or Pagan author (or any faith, if it’s a good lesson!) is one way to do this. When you feel the Ritual is done in its entirety, perform the Clearing the Temple Ceremony.


    1. It makes sense to do so. I like the grounding effect that the Cakes and Ale provide after magical work, and I actually do both. I like the transitioning feeling of holding it after the ritual part, but I also like to save some for after meditation or other works to help bring me back to the present.
      And you’re welcome! Thank you for your insight and comment!

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  1. My daughter and I are going to officially do an Esbat today, following the formats you have shared. I am excited! Thank you so much for all that you do.

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      1. It went beautifully! Our dog and one of our cats even showed interest, and oddly enough stayed outside of our unmarked (but energetically formed) circle.

        I wrote everything out in order beforehand so I wouldn’t forget the altar setup and whatnot. I was nervous but just went with it, my daughter did the actions to erect the temple, I led the rites. It was so beautiful. I actually got misty eyed, and we both felt so energized afterward.

        I an excited to do one for Ostara! It’s so wonderful to finally be able to experience a full rite. Thank you so much for all of your help and your articles here. They have made a huge difference in both of our paths. We were feeling lost and discouraged recently, and I was led here. So thank you!

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      2. Thanks so much for sharing that! I’m glad to hear it went well, and it means a lot to know that you’ve gotten so much from


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